Top Ten uses for my Treo 650 Smartphone

My Treo 650Ever since I started using a PDA and a Cell phone I started dreaming about what life would be like if my PDA and Cell phone became one. Well my dreams have come true…

  1. Make & Receive Phone Calls (Obviously, its a phone!)
  2. Check email (Its a smart phone!)
  3. Browse the Web (Its an Internet phone)
  4. Add contacts (Its an address book phone)
  5. Schedule appointments (Its also a calendar phone)
  6. Read the news, articles, books, even other blogs (Its my newspaper, magazine, library, bookstore all rolled up in one really smart phone)
  7. Post to my Blog Page (Its a phone with a keyboard – great to keep my blog updated)
  8. Listen to Music, AudioBooks, Podcasts, Radio Stations, TV Stations, Internet Radio when and wherever (Its a radio, I mean mp3 player… I mean… oh yeah, still a phone)
  9. Watch Videos even full length DVD movies (Ok I don’t watch full length movies. But I do watch funny video clips, favorite sitcoms, and even a cartoon occasionally which I always have on the phone for my kids)
  10. Play Games (Its a portable game board – chess, checkers, and my favorite: Texas No-Limit Holdem Poker — you can even play online now.)

Leave a comment sharing other ways you have discovered how to use a smart phone.

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First Post From My Treo 650

This is my first post from my Treo 650 using uBlog. It just dawned on me that I could actually type a post on my phone and then send it to my blog from where ever I am. I don’t have to wait to get back to my computer to add breaking news to my blog. Not that I have enough content to warrant needing breaking news. But I can just see it now… Sitting in yet another boring meeting at work and having the ability to write a post while I am waiting for the meeting to end. Isn’t life wonderful? Well it is when you have a Treo helping you out.

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Palm Treo 650 Smartphone – The Perfect Day Planner & Companion

I’m another owner of a Treo 650 smartphone and yes I know that their are thousands of articles already written reviewing this phone but I bet you, I will be able to add something that probably no other site has. Did you know that you can listen to any local TV station from whereever you are with this phone? How about streaming audio from thousands of radio stations on the Internet? Don’t forget listening to audiobooks either. You can even sit back and watch your favorite videos (I personally have 3-4 Seinfeld episodes always loaded and a few cartoons for my kids in case I need to quickly calm them down when we’re out in public). Since this phone is with me ALL of the time I no longer need to purchase any newspapers or magazines for that matter. I get all the articles and news that I am interested in automatically downloaded to my phone everyday. This includes: The Wallstreet Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, BBC News, Wired, Yahoo!, Miami Herald (my local paper); Local news from TV stations, and many more articles and even other blogs via RSS feeds. How about remote controlling your Home PC while your on the road?
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Welcome to my first post on my new blog. I hope you find it entertaining and informative. Let me first start out by saying that my wife created a blog last week at which prompted me to do the same. And since I am the technology expert in the home I figured I better stay on top of all this blog stuff. My wife was already coming to me and asking for all kinds of technical help. How do I upload a picture? How do I create a link? etc… So here I am. I have been reading about blogging for several months now and decided it was time to put all that knowledge to work. The following sites are a must read for any beginner or expert blogger: – Great site to learn how to make money from blogging. – Great site to start your own blog. – The bloggers essential posting tool. – Steve has some great posts on blogging and creating a living doing it.

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