Bill O’Reilly Live on my Treo Smartphone

I’ve been listening to streaming audio on my Treo 650 smartphone for a couple of years now. There are thousands of online radio stations streaming audio in every genre there is. Check out, Internet Radio on TreoBits, or radioio2go. But it still wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to listen to my music library and wanted to listen to it on my phone. However, my Treo does not have the storage capacity of even the smallest ipod. But if I could stream the audio from my home PC then I would not need lots of storage on my phone. So, I setup streaming audio on my home PC using the free Nullsoft Shoutcast Server software. Once I got that working I realized that I could stream any audio from my PC. Well I happen to have a Hauppauge TV Video card in my PC and was wondering if I would be able to stream the audio from the TV card. It worked like a charm. Now I can stream sports broadcasts, TV News, Talk shows or anything else I want to listen to on the road such as Bill O’Reilly on The Fox News channel. Cool huh? The trick is how do I set the TV card to the station I want to listen to when I am out of the house? Aah thats easy, I use PalmVNC to remote into my PC and change stations on the fly right from my phone. (More about PalmVNC in a few days). Some radio stations do not have a compatible audio stream for the Treo 650. I am now able to circumvent that problem by streaming the incompatible audio to my home PC using any PC compatible stream and then retransmit the audio through Shoutcast to my phone. This allows me to enjoy local radio stations and get real time traffic and local news updates throughout the day. Is there anything that this phone can’t do? If you have listened to streaming audio on a phone or would like to learn more about it please leave me a comment.

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