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I just came across some amazing deals online at They have a Bargain Countdown section where they put limited items up for sale at huge discounts. You need to be quick because these deals go fast. (Limit 1 per customer) Here are a few deals that I saw today:

They also have a Clearance Countdown section that has some great deals as well.

These deals are HOTTER than this laptop catching on fire![youtube qmPm-YV9vdA]Avoid the the crowds at the store and don’t bother waiting in line on Black Friday (the day after thanksgiving). So if you are looking for some great gifts at great prices this holiday season get them RIGHT NOW! at this site

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4 thoughts on “Bargain Countdown – Deals So Hot there on Fire – Free Stuff

  1. BEWARE! these all use web based rebate registration.

    you are forced to “agree” to a terms and conditions,
    another point to fail, get lost, whatever,
    instead of making more complicted for consumer, they should be doing more “instant” [at time of sale] rebates/discounts.

  2. I agree. Rebates of any kind are a pain.
    However, until more stores follow in OfficeMax’s lead we will have to deal with rebates. I am so used to them now I have a pretty good system setup to document and track them.

    I also understand that Best Buy will be doing away with mail in rebates within 2 years. Yeah!

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