Happy Thanksgiving 2006

On this day of football and food I would like to say some thanks, while I’m waiting for the turkey to finish cooking. I’m thankful that the Miami Dolphins have now won 4 games in a row. Go Dolphins!

Seriously, Thank you to my wife for being the best Mom in the world. It is amazing how she takes care of our two kids, the house, the bills, the cooking, and still finds time to take care of me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for my wonderful son and daughter. They keep me young and on my toes everyday.

Thanks to my parents for providing me Love, discipline, and a moral compass to help guide me through my life. Without their guidance I would not have as much to be thankful for.

There is a lot more to be thankful for but most of all I’m thankful that the turkey is now done and we can start Thanksgiving dinner. I’m starving. :-)

Hope you have a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving.

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