What is SpeedLinking?

I am relatively new to blogging and noticed over the past few months several posts with the title “Speedlinking: and the Date“. I had an idea of what it meant but I was curious to find a definition. I did a search on Google for “What is Speedlinking?” and I was surprised to NOT find a clear definition in the results. Then I tried Google Blog search, Yahoo!’s search, Microsoft Live search and many other search engines and still none of them had any definitions that jumped out at me. So, here is my definition of Speedlinking.


  • What is it?
    Speedlinking, aka linking, blog-linking, or linkblogging is the practice of writing a brief post with hyperlinks to favorite websites or blogs. Usually the post will contain anywhere from 3 to 5 links and each link will be accompanied by a one line description and a one line personal opinion.
  • Why do it?
    Many bloggers use this technique to quickly share links to blogs or websites that they found useful or relevant that day or week with their readers.
    Basically, it is a way to bring the growing community of bloggers closer together.
    I have come across speedlink posts that have more than 50 links. However, it is not a good idea to post that many links at once because it will be considered information overload and your readers will just skip over all of them.
  • Is it Dangerous?
    Only if you go too fast by linking sites that are not worth reading. In that case your blog may find itself alone on the Internet superhighway.
    And if that happens who cares how fast or how much you speed link, no one will be there to see it.
    Make sure the sites you link to are relevant and worth the time to read.

Calling for help. Leave me a comment if you want to add to the definition or have come across the origin of the term Speedlinking. I would also like to know if there are other terms with a similar definition or if speedlinking has other meanings than the definition above. Thanks.
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15 thoughts on “What is SpeedLinking?

  1. I think your definition is reasonably good although I suspect each blogger you’ve listed has their own style of it. There are plenty of others who do the same thing but call it different things (Steve Rubel is one who’s been doing it for a long time under a different name).

  2. Yeah, I did sharelink once recetly with 50 links. It was a catchup of all that happened with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies in the month of Nov 2006.

    I preferred to call it ShareLink and not speedlink, exactly for the reason that I had no clue why it is called speedlink. You have made a good start!

  3. Hi Leon,
    tks for the mention.

    Speedlinking probably works best if you’re doing thematic speedlinking, grouping posts according to category (eg. blogging) or following a trend (eg the google slap).

    i think the major negative about speedlinking is that if you’re linking into link farms, splogs or other ‘bad neighbourhoods’ you can hurt your own SERP ranking in Google’s eyes.

    but if you’re linking to content blogs, you’d provide a service to your readers (who probably dont have time to subscribe to 50+ RSS feeds and keep up with everything).

    ps: you might find it useful to add the “email notification to blog comments” plugin which i’ve uploaded to http://www.whoisandrewwee.com/wordpressplugins

  4. *
    Fantastic article LEON!

    Thank you for this. Same as you, I also could not find a clear definition of SPEED LINKING (until now) and if I create an article on this subject I WILL be linking your page to it!

    Like yourself, I am also a new blogger who appreciates this type of helpful information. I hope you continue with it!

    Take Care : )

  5. Speedlinking is great provided that there’s some context for it. For example, my blog is a finance blog, so you can be sure that a speedlink post from me will link to stuff relevant to personal finance issues. However, on a “general” blog or a personal blog, these can be really dodgy, as the only common link between the links is the interest of the writer.

  6. I don’t understand why we need something like speedlinking in our blogs?
    Since most of the speedlinking topics are most time web-related, blog readers that are not interested in webdesign will skip them on a blog that deals with various topics (personal blogs).

    I would rather use delicious to link to articles/postings. With delicious it’s very easy to subscribe to a certain RSS-feed that covers a special topic (by the tag).
    And another nice feature is that links on delicious are networked to other tags/links/users.

    It’s also possible to include your delicious-links in your favorite blogging-system. For wordpress checkout this page: codex.wordpress.org/plugins/delicious.

    My opinion:
    Blogs -> good for creating content/opinions/…

    Delicious/Furl… -> posting links!

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  8. I use “speedlinking” on my blog as well. In my case, it’s automated using a feature at del.icou.us. Basically, I bookmark, comment on, and tag with keywords any post I either want to go back to in the future or think my site visitors might enjoy. In the middle of the night, del.icio.us runs a program that creates a post-by-email blog post for my site with the links, comments, and tags. It’s extremely easy to do and it’ll support any number of links. And if I don’t bookmark anything during a 24-hour period, there’s no speedlinking post.

    I wrote about how I use it here: http://www.marialanger.com/2006/06/29/delicious-links/
    The article has links to instructions, if anyone’s interested in giving it a try.

    My only gripe: not enough customization options. Otherwise, it works like a charm.

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