Tracking Santa Claus 2006 – The High Tech Way at NORAD

Here is a great site to share with your kids this Christmas Eve. How would you like to know precisely where Santa Claus is at any given moment this Christmas Eve? Well, using NORAD’s high tech radar system called the North Warning System you can do just that. Actually NORAD uses 4 different high tech systems to track Santa – radar, satellites, Santa Cams, and Jet Fighter Aircrafts. Check out this Christmas Eve to track Santa as he makes his journey to deliver gifts for millions of children all around the world. Complete with videos throughout the night of Santa flying in his sleigh with his reindeer over cities across the globe.

NORAD BadgeOther things you can do at

  • Send Santa an Email
  • Find out how many cookies Santa eats during his trip around the world
  • Play a Santa Puzzle Game
  • Listen to Christmas music performed by the United States Air Force Academy Band
  • Download a 12 page Santa Coloring Book
  • Watch a promotional Norad Santa Tracking video
  • and more…

Now you have a way of knowing when Santa is close to visiting your home.

Last year, I could have sworn I heard jingle bells over my house just as Norad was tracking Santa in my area.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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