Glade PlugIn Air Freshener for your Hair?

Recently my 4 year old daughter discovered the wonderful scents of the Glade PlugIn Air Freshener at school. Now, I have to tell you that my daughter is obsessed with scents and smells and how she looks. She is very crafty and independent and likes to try different things on for herself. A few weeks ago at school she found a Glade Air Freshener in the bathroom and was taken in with how wonderful the smell was. She wanted to smell the same way as the Air Freshener. So she took the Glade PlugIn off the wall and removed the air freshener from inside and began rubbing it all throughout her hair, face, arms, and clothes. Then she plugged it back in the wall and went back to her seat in the classroom. Immediately the air in the classroom quickly became “fresher”. The teacher’s started looking around to see if anyone spilled something on the floor or if the smell was coming from outside or the air conditioner. Eventually they figured out that the “fresh air” was coming from my daughter. They asked her if she put anything on her body and she emphatically responded “No!” She didn’t want to get in trouble you see. The teacher called my wife to come pick up our daughter so she can get a bath and then return to school. Later that night I could still smell the Glade Air Freshener in her hair when I tucked her in to bed. I have to say, her hair certainly smelled fresh for the next couple of days! This is one of those stories that I will always remember and certainly share with others whenever I smell an air freshener. :-)

Here are some links on caring for your child’s hair: (They came in handy for me)

Do you think a Glade PlugIn Air freshener makes for a good hair product? Share a funny story about your kids in the comments.

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