Combat Zone 210 Fireworks at Patrick’s 4th of July BBQ

Check out the video of the Combat Zone 210 in action. The video is 30 seconds long but the combat zone shoots off 210 red and green flares in the last 15 seconds. It is VERY COOL!!!

A Rapid Crisscross Barrage of Red and Green Flares

[youtube j1UMxYwDICc]

If you want to add this awesome arsenal to your fireworks celebration you can find it at The Spirit of ’76 Wholesale Fireworks website.

15 thoughts on “Combat Zone 210 Fireworks at Patrick’s 4th of July BBQ

  1. the angle that it is taken from shows the firework well if u are watching that type of firework from a distance u need to be in an elevated position to view the effect properly.

  2. cant agree more is really cool, I love fireworks but I do not know if this is permitted in Germany

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