4th of July Most Dugg Articles on Digg

US Flag reflected in Water DropletsAs a tribute to the 4th of July I thought I would list the top 15 most popular “4th of July” sites according to Digg (as of July 4th, 2008).

  1. Scientology: 4th Of July- How Crazy Are They? 2394 diggs
  2. Your Odds of Dying (Pic) 2095 diggs
  3. If you live in Ohio – you can’t be arrested today (4th July) 2081 diggs
  4. [pic] Gorgeous Water Droplets Reflecting the American Flag 1744 diggs
  5. This Ought to Make For an Awkward 4th of July BBQ 1481 diggs
  6. Conversation With Digg’s CEO Jay Adelson About v3.0 Overwhelming Success 1227 diggs
  7. July 4th, 1986 [PIC] 1221 diggs
  8. Five things you didn’t know about the upcoming Transformers movie 1001 diggs
  9. The Pirate Party of the United States site launches 986 diggs
  10. Xbox 360 Premium Found with HDMI Port 959 diggs
  11. How to make a Coke Rocket – Finally revealed! (video) 935 diggs
  12. Discovery finally launches! 893 diggs
  13. Remembering the 12 year fight for the Freedom of Information Act 874 diggs
  14. No July 4th Celebrations for Highly Skilled Future Americans 822 diggs
  15. Open a beer bottle with another bottle 811 diggs

My favorite is the [pic] of the US Flag reflecting in the water droplets.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Win Money & Prizes by Entering Contests for Best Firework’s Photo, Video, or Drawing

Everyone takes 4th of July Fireworks photos. Many even video tape the celebrations. Why not submit those videos or photos to try and win some serious cash. Here is a list of sites that are participating in Fireworks Contests this year 2007:


  • TNTFireworks.com (Neptune Fireworks) with thousands of dollars to give away
    • Photo Contest – Earn up to $500 for the Grand Prize
    • Drawing Contest – Earn up to $500 for the Grand Prize
  • Fireworks.com (Phantom Fireworks)
    • Name the Fireworks Giveaway
    • Fireworks Photograph Contest
    • Shoot your favorite Fireworks Video Giveaway
  • SkyKingFireworks.com (no contests right now, but keep checking)

How to Articles – Tips & Tricks to help you Win that Contest

Leave a link to your favorite fireworks photo in the comments.
If you know of any other contests going on this year, let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list.

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