Setup PC Remote Control

How to setup Remote Control for your Home or Work PC using No-IP and VNC for FREE.

How many times have you gone to work and forgot to copy files from your home PC to bring back to work? Or your at a friends house and would love to access your home PC to get a file off off it. Check out the video demo of me remote controlling my home PC from my work laptop.

If you follow the steps in these links you will be able to do just that for FREE!

Files that you will need:

  1. UltraVNC 1.0.2
  2. Dynamic DNS Client – if you do not have a fixed IP address for your home PC

Overview of the steps:

  1. Setup Dynamic DNS using No-IP (Create Account)
  2. Setup Dynamic DNS using No-IP (Install and Configure No-IP software)
  3. Installing the UltraVNC Server
  4. Configuring the UltraVNC Server
  5. Using the UltraVNC Viewer
  6. How to use UltraVNC with the JavaViewer (using a web browser as the viewer)
  7. How to use file sharing via UltraVNC (on this page)
  8. How to forward/open up ports in the firewall on your DSL/Cable modem (on this page)
  9. How to setup a secure UltraVNC session using encryption

Other Remote Control Software You Should Try:

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7. How to use file sharing via UltraVNC

  1. After starting the UltraVNC Viewer and connecting to the host PC, click on the Open File Transfer button in the toolbar
    This will launch the File Transfer dialog box which will show you the directories of the local PC and the Remote PC.

    You can browse for a file on the local or remote PC and then click Send or Receive to transfer the file to the other PC

8. How to forward/open up ports in the firewall on your DSL/Cable router:

  1. Use the following website to easily forward / open ports on your specific DSL/Cable Router
  2. Pick your Router (need to know model and version number)
  3. Choose UltraVNC as the application
  4. Enter 5900 for the Main port
  5. Enter 5800 for the HTTP port
  6. Enter the internal IP address (ie. 192.168.x.x) of the PC running the UltraVNC Server software
  7. Follow the rest of the instructions and that should do it for port forwarding.
    Now you should be able to remote control your Home PC over the Internet.

It’s that easy.

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